* We find and repair faults in the vehicle and fit new electrical and electronic parts and accessories.

* Work on modem vehicles with a wide range of electrical and electronic systems controlling all aspects of the vehicle's performance and the technician have to deal with :-

- Electronic ignition, starter motors, alternators, fuel injection systems, ABS braking and cruise control.

- Digital dashboard displays, instrument panels and gauges.

- Central locking, alarms, and immobilizers.

- Electric windows, mirrors and seats.

- Tow bar electrics.

- Air-conditioning and climate control.

- Parking warning systems, bleepers and reverse cameras.

Some vehicles have computer-controlled engine management systems where the technician can connect a laptop computer to the vehicles ECM and use a keyboard to enter details about the vehicle from an on-screen menu. The technician can select a system for example the brakes, suspension or transmission. The computer will then identify the fault, perhaps a faulty sensor or a loose connection.

The technician also consult wiring diagrams to help locate the problems. Once the problem is located, he makes the necessary repairs or replace the faulty part then test the system to make sure everything is working safely. This could include road testing the vehicle. Other tasks include repairing new improved electrical end electronic accessories such as alarms, radio's and entertainment systems.