George, our own top level 3 master technician is there to solve any hick-ups whether mechanical or electrically. He is the best at what he does and most of us know him as we have dealt with him in the past as he was head of the Volvo team that used to take care of us when we went to Hansie Roodt we are the only Volvo repair shop in the vaal and the only stockiest of genuine Volvo parts.

We are new on the block but a huge necessity to most people's needs.
When hansie Roodt closed down it caused a major problem for most of us driving Volvo’s.
The inconvenience that came along with it is unpleasant for the most of us and we (GT auto) are there to take care of that problem and now we can talk about the convenience of the matter again..

We do everything in our ability to keep you and your Volvo happy and our mission is to succeed at all we do. We strive to be professional and let the master do what he does best cure
Repairs done right and fast the first time!!!
Our technician maintains an excellent working knowledge of Volvo vehicles and possible faults and possesses good communication skills.
Maintenance and repairs to any Volvo vehicle problems
Electrical- mechanical- additional requests at GT auto.